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"We went in to this project feeling a bit overwhelmed since we are not technology people. What 5Nova excelled at was interpreting the landscape of technology alternatives open to us in a way we non-techies could understand. We know why the Kentico CMS product was the best solution for us and this provides us confidence and peace of mind in our decision."
Brad Christensen
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation
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5Nova Awarded Kentico Certified Developer Status


5Nova announced today that their President, Greg Steirer, has been awarded Certified Developer status with Kentico Software upon the successful completion of the Certified Developer Exam. This achievement is in advance of Kentico’s forthcoming requirement for all Certified Gold Partners to have at least one Certified Developer on staff.

"As a veteran developer with Microsoft technologies, I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of knowledge required to pass the Kentico Developer Exam. This helps in assuring me that my certification, and those to follow at 5Nova, has real value as an assessment tool for Kentico CMS.” stated Mr. Steirer. “While I elected to lead by example and be the first to take the exam at 5Nova, I will certainly not be the last. It is important that we communicate our competencies to our customers and prospects in every way possible” added Steirer.

The Kentico Certified Developer exam is fifty questions designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and skills in fundamentals and best practices for building, deploying and maintaining a web site with Kentico CMS that delivers dynamic web site content. In the near future, Gold Partners will be required to have at least one certified developer. The purpose of this change is to increase the recognition of Kentico’s Gold Partners and to ensure they have at least one Kentico CMS expert on staff.