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Cloud Computing - Hip or Hype?

by Greg Steirer
04/23/2011 | with 1 comments
Filed under: Cloud,Safe,Unsafe,Amazon
Have you heard of Cloud Computing?  Do you dream of being in the 'Cloud'?  Maybe you are already there.  But what is Cloud Computing...really, what is it and why is it so different than the 'Un-Cloud' computing that has done well for so long?  I'll answer this and also speak to the Amazon's recent and historic cloud failure.  But the real question you have to ask is something Dustin Hoffman has heard many times - Is it safe?

It's the latest, greatest technology, and it's mentioned just about everywhere.  Cloud Computing is actually about 30+ years old.  But recent hardware and software technology has made it valuable through efficiency gains, reduced costs, enormous processing power, and almost unlimited storage.  So why wouldn't you want to move into the cloud?  Well, to answer that question, we must understand what differentiates hosting software in the cloud from just hosting software from a single computer.

Superior thinking demonstaretd above. Thanks!
5/4/2011 3:54:00 AM

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