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Energize Your Business Intranet with Video Content

by Stephen Jester
12/01/2010 | with 0 comments
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From customer service to technical support, the use of video to document your business processes may be the best way to capture tribal knowledge and instill consistency. It's also a great way to convey your corporate personality and energize your intranet content.

From MTV to YouTube, video has become one of the most dominant communication formats of the digital era. The combination of sight and sound seems to stimulate your brain’s capacity to absorb information in a way that promotes higher memory retention. You live in motion, you dream in motion, so why are you still relying on printed words for documenting your business procedures?

Every company develops standards and every executive desires an operating utopia where those standards are perfectly documented, perfectly taught and perfectly executed by every member of the organization. Does this sound like your company? The challenge is motivating anyone to take the time to document what actual takes place. And even if you are successful at that endeavor, then you have to convince people to read the documentation, apply it and update it as the organization moves along the frontier of continuous improvement.

What do most of us do? We sign the paper stating we’ve read the handbook and agree to comply, then we go about performing our job the best way we know how, asking questions along the way. It’s like using the instruction manual to install the new printer…nobody does it. That’s why many software companies built the instructions into the installation routine.

But I submit to you that there is a better solution to this old management problem: turn on the video recorder or screen capture and let your people express themselves. It is more engaging to document the process and it is certainly more entertaining to learn the process in this manner. Add in a little humor to the mix and let your company culture and personalities shine. It is much easier than you might think. Most digital recorders and smart phones already have the ability to upload videos in web-friendly formats. And products like VMWare and WebEx allow you to record your computer screen.

Once you amass your video library you are ready for content delivery. Maybe it’s YouTube, maybe it’s SharePoint or a web page in your company intranet, but there is one overlooked advantage to directing your personnel to a web page for video consumption – visibility. That’s right! Just ask anyone in the marketing department. The use of web analytics in conjunction with your company intranet means you have the ability to see who’s actually been on the page, what videos did they watch, did they finish and how many times have they been back. Now that is web brilliance.

Ready to see more? Here’s an example of our work with video presentation on a web page: http://www.neulogics.com/Product-Solutions/Distribution-Warehouse/Demos. Let me know what you think.

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