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"We went in to this project feeling a bit overwhelmed since we are not technology people. What 5Nova excelled at was interpreting the landscape of technology alternatives open to us in a way we non-techies could understand. We know why the Kentico CMS product was the best solution for us and this provides us confidence and peace of mind in our decision."
Brad Christensen
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation
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Search Engine Optimization

Build Search Engine Friendly Web Pages seo-sem-5nova-kentico

What was that URL again? Now you can build search engine friendly web pages that are easily indexed by popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We follow a simple rule of thumb when constructing the names of your pages, titles, images and other online collateral: if a human can’t read it and make logical sense of the meaning, then the search engine robots probably can’t either.

5Nova's Web-Presence-as-a-Service, built on the Kentico CMS platform, is both intuitive as well as efficient when building search engine optimized web pages and sites.

Kentico CMS SEO Friendly Features:

  • Automatically generates friendly, smart URL’s for every page that are redirected even when a page location changes in the document content tree.
  • URL’s do not contain any special characters or other parameters that might be indistinguishable by search engine robots.
  • Customize your page URL via document aliases and automatic character replacement (i.e. spaces become dashes) to fully leverage use of keywords.
  • Assign or inherit page title, description and keywords for every document to be rendered in the page header.
  • Images and links can be assigned ALT and TITLE attributes.
  • Build CSS List Menus for navigation, free from JavaScript, that are easily traversed by search engine robots.
  • Utilize CSS Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3) to define elements via the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Capable of producing XHTML compliant web sites for better indexing and ranking with the search engines.