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"Kentico CMS has proven to be a complete toolset for our web presence needs. We have yet to encounter a functional need that has resulted in costly custom development or required us to go out and purchase third-party products as a work around. I am impressed with the depth of functionality. It has really broadened the horizon of 'what's possible' when we strategize on new ways of adding value to the visitors of our new web site."
Chris Zeiler, Partner
Neulogics, Inc.
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Web Site Development

Healthy Sites Need Strong Bones

The designers provide the skin but it’s the developers who provide the skeleton. Don’t be fooled by design shops that rely on software products to mass produce design driven frameworks. The result is usually a poorly performing, highly redundant code set that is next to impossible to maintain. A great web site must be architected with a solid foundation aimed to support the user experience first; otherwise, the sharp graphics quickly start to dull.

Built to Be the Best

An architect starts with a blueprint called the visual site map. From there considerations are made for functionality, security and data. Like a professional athlete training for a personal best, the web site framework must be flexible and agile, but rock solid. Building that type of body requires you to select the right fuel to be used on the correct equipment. In the same manner, 5Nova architects identify the appropriate technologies before they begin to markup and code.

Download Kentico CMS Case Study Kentico CMS Case Study - Pathfinder Mortgage
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Engineered for Easy Management

A well developed web site framework means there is a clear separation between the presentation layer and the functional layer. The result is a highly efficient code base which leverages the underlying technologies. It is data driven, but engineered for easy content management and data reuse. So your team will have no problem separating the management of digital assets and content without getting tangled up in development code. That is Web Brilliance.

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