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"The Kentico CMS product is able to handle the diverse things we need our site to do. These include not only a public web presence but also a secure, robust and simple to operate portal feature which staff can constantly access for common company information, training materials, plus a real time chat feature to relay market intelligence."
Brad Christensen
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation
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Ecommerce and Communities

Define Your E-Commerce

Our B2X (B2B, B2C) solutions cover the gambit from accepting online donations to product syndication with third party storefronts.

Overcome Ecommerce Barriers

One of the biggest barriers to ecommerce entry you will experience is creating and maintaining your product catalog, product images and related content online. Our Web-Presence-as-a-Service, built on the Kentico CMS ASP.NET platform, gives you flexibility to better manage your store content without sacrificing control. 

The 5Nova web hosting environment is dedicated to the Kentico CMS platform, making it possible for tight integrations to your inventory systems.

Secure Checkout Process

The checkout process is another critical factor to scrutinize when shaping the online commerce experience for your audience. That is why we have extended the Kentico CMS ASP.NET platform to fully integrate with Google Checkout and Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions. Google Checkout offers a server-centric solution that is fast to deploy and easy to use without sacrificing security. Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions is an easy-to-use and secure way for those who offer digital content subscriptions, collect membership dues on a periodic basis, or provide premium services on their websites to enable subscriptions or recurring payments.

Now your visitors can shop in confidence knowing their personal information is protected and support is standing by to help resolve their buying issues. Call it Web Brilliance.


Build Social Communities

Social networks have given a voice to consumers and opened a new media for corporate conversations. But maybe you desire to have a deeper, more personal conversation with your audience in a space you can call your own.

Now you can with our Web-Presence-as-a-Service solution utilizing the Kentico CMS platform. All the building blocks for your own social network are here: membership registration, self-managed user profiles, groups, friends, avatars, private messaging, forums, message boards, content ratings, photo galleries, event calendars and more.

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Download Kentico CMS Communities Guide Kentico CMS Communities Guide