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"We went in to this project feeling a bit overwhelmed since we are not technology people. What 5Nova excelled at was interpreting the landscape of technology alternatives open to us in a way we non-techies could understand. We know why the Kentico CMS product was the best solution for us and this provides us confidence and peace of mind in our decision."
Brad Christensen
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation
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Enterprise Marketing Solutions

The Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) is an integrated extension for users of the Kentico Content Management System (CMS ) Ultimate Edition. It was designed with the Online Marketer in mind and offers an integrated Customer Experience Management solution. Inside you will find additional enterprise and marketing features across four functional areas of enhancement:

Campaign Management

With the combination of Kentico EMS and CMS, marketers have the advantage of implementing and measuring campaigns easily and inexpensively. Kentico EMS enables the delivery of campaign messaging using either e-mail or website pages. EMS enables marketers to decide which messages or offerings are the most important to their audience. This results in campaigns that can be measured and tracked immediately.

  • Double opt-in confirmation of subscriptions.
  • Opened e-mail tracking.
  • Click-through tracking of links.
  • Bounced e-mail monitoring and blocking of invalid addresses.

Segmentation & Lead Scoring

Kentico EMS provides a dynamic value based segmentation approach. This means it looks at groups of customers in terms of the actions they generate, and the cost of establishing and maintaining the relationship. Using segmentation allows a company to optimize their product offering, marketing and sales approach to meet the specific requirements of the segments more cost effectively, than their competition. Applying segmentation allows companies to target groups effectively, and best allocate marketing resources.

  • Define customer segments using a configurable rules engine.
  • Track all visitor activities on your site and assign them points.
  • Manage accounts, contacts, roles and statuses all in one location.

Web Analytics & Reporting

The web analytics module of EMS is used to measure, collect, analyze and report site data to better understand and optimize the visitor’s experience. Properly used, Web Analytics is not just a tool for measuring website traffic; it’s also a foundation of business information on which to base strategic company decisions. Kentico EMS delivers on-site web analytics. On-site web analytics measures site performance in a commercial context. This is a visitor’s journey on your website and includes key data like drivers and conversions.

  • Track visited pages.
  • Monitor campaigns, conversions and referring URL's.
  • Identify landing pages, exiting pages and time spent on a page.
  • Analyze visitors by country, browser and other attributes with graphical reports, charts and exports.

Web Content Optimization

With Kentico EMS you are able to test virtually every variation of design, navigation and content on your live site to determine the best layouts, copy, offers and images that provide the best conversion rates.  The A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing modules allow you to quickly test several versions of a page. Real-time Content Personalization allows the creation of pages that can automatically display different combination of content based on a set of dynamic conditions. This enables the reuse of pages for different types of visitors, dynamically reflecting their actions or based on any combination of site variables.

  • A/B testing.
  • Multivariate testing.
  • Real-time content personalization based on visitor demographics and behavior.

Because the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution is built on the Kentico CMS platform, you won't have to manage your data across multiple applications and data repositories and you won't have to spend money on costly integrations.

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