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"Kentico CMS has exceeded our expectations for a CMS product in terms of robustness, ease of use, cost and flexibility."
Ted Shown, CEO
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For Business Owners

Inspire More People with Less Investment

Inspire more people through your web presence with our web brilliance. The web allows small companies to look like big companies or, if you prefer, to not look like an experiment in chaos. Web sites can break through geographical boundaries driving growth from new revenue streams that seem out of reach (No Habla Español?). Best of all, the web offers revenue diversity at a fraction of the cost compared to other business strategies. Give your vision the voice it demands and hide a little chaos in the process.

Increase Returns on Marketing

The Internet differs greatly from most other forms of marketing. The web offers unlimited space for your message and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by any person in the world with connectivity. What other marketing vehicle can make that claim? With the addition of a content management solution, you also gain the ability to update your message at any time with a lesser reliance on technical staff; so say goodbye to your nephew Joey. Investing your marketing dollars in integrated web presence demonstrates your commitment to convenience. By allowing customers to access information on their terms you can improve credibility, add value and raise perceived satisfaction levels.

Standardize Your Sales Pitch

No matter how many times you repeat it; there is always that one brash salesperson who thinks it is better to ad-lib the sales pitch. Marketing online means every visitor receives the same consistent experience, from sales to customer service. Market research becomes more affordable through online polls, surveys and forums. Having some really inexpensive interns can also help. Add in the granularity available in web site statistics and you have the ability to refine your message rapidly to the right audience. We call that Speed to Marketing. The result is leverage to compete with those really large competitors.

Lead Your Team to Victory

Everybody likes a winner. Enable your team to capitalize on their areas of influence to win more opportunities.  Imagine publishing dynamic content in response to campaign effectiveness, customer service responding to online inquiries in real time and managers converting tribal knowledge into ecommerce revenue centers. We have a secret to share: with the right web content management system we can integrate your people and process online. That’s cause for celebration.

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