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"Kentico CMS has exceeded our expectations for a CMS product in terms of robustness, ease of use, cost and flexibility."
Ted Shown, CEO
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For Marketers

Break Free from IT Constraints

When executing your brand strategy online, the last obstacle you need is reliance on already constrained IT resources … not to mention the time difference between the USA and India. Experience the freedom to control your campaign execution and stop living under the bus. Our integrated Web-Presence-as-a-Service platform provides the toolbox to simplify the process between content editing and online publishing so you don’t have to stay up until 3 am anymore.

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Publish Timely Messaging

Marketing Professionals face a common challenge when it comes to web presence – how to publish timely messaging to the target audience with the least amount of technical resistance. The Kentico CMS platform allows you to manage your digital content and assets all in one location. Once the work is complete you can relax knowing the content will be auto-published on a scheduled release date. And when the campaign is over the content can just as easily be archived or re-provisioned.

Reduce the Cost Per Touch

Budgets are a reality for the Marketer often being the first to get cut. Are you feeling loved these days? Increasing the breadth, depth or frequency of your messaging without increasing your direct costs can give you the financial leverage to stick around. Our hosted web content management solution offers a high degree of content reuse so you can create it once and publish it to multiple targets in multiple campaigns.

Measure the Results

Creativity should be reserved for your tag line rather than your campaign conversion reporting. Protect your budget by providing targeted, measured response tracking in an easy to read, graphical presentation. Our Web-Presence-as-a-Service comes standard with embedded web analytics for page views, visits, referrals, campaigns and conversions just for starters. There is also a gaggle of out-of-the box reports. Web sites built on the Kentico CMS platform can also utilize Google Analytics or your favorite third party analytics engine.

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