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"Kentico CMS has exceeded our expectations for a CMS product in terms of robustness, ease of use, cost and flexibility."
Ted Shown, CEO
Logistics Unlimited
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For Web Designers

Retain Control Over Creative Flexibility

If it’s on the web it probably started as a designer comp. The problem is the average lay person cannot draw a line between the visual design and the mechanics of programming. Fortunately, the Kentico CMS platform clearly separates data driven development without constraining creative flexibility. You retain full control over visual presentation with built-in web parts and transformations; which means you don’t need to know how to code. Our creative collaboration platform can help you improve your marketability, as an artist and usability expert, where you are most appreciated.

Power to Increase Productivity

Thrive together or fade apart. Building a corporate web presence should not be a competitive endeavor between design and development. Production improves when you can focus on what you do best. We prefer collaboration over competition and have a hunch you do too. Our Web-Presence-as-a-Service solution, is like having a full development team standing behind your designs so you can get more accomplished.

Freedom to Showcase Designs

It has been estimated that nearly two-thirds of all creative work ends up in the virtual recycling bin having never been published. We think that is a waste. Unfortunately, the other one-third of your portfolio may be suffering the same fate if your company website is not easily found online. Our hosted content management system provides search engine optimized schema for everything from page names to alt-tags. It can even broadcast what you are visualizing right now. Click here to give it a try. Okay, it’s not quite perfected but our SEO features are. So feel free to showcase your designs with us.

Stay Focused on Your Passion

You finished the designs and have comp approval, but now what? Formatting HTML and keying style sheets into a text file is not our idea of creative passion. Imagine your comps living inside a dynamic, visual site map easily interpreted by development to deliver a working framework to Marketing. They publish the content while you stay focused on creative designs for the next project. That is what we call Web Brilliance.

We want to showcase your designs on the web, but we need to hear from you first.