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"We went in to this project feeling a bit overwhelmed since we are not technology people. What 5Nova excelled at was interpreting the landscape of technology alternatives open to us in a way we non-techies could understand. We know why the Kentico CMS product was the best solution for us and this provides us confidence and peace of mind in our decision."
Brad Christensen
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation
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Kentico Software


Kentico CMS is the all-inclusive .NET Web Content Management platform that serves as the flagship product for 5Nova's Web-Presence-as-a-Service offering. With over 30 modules and 200 out-of-box web part controls, Kentico CMS not only offers a robust feature rich platform for web initiatives; but is an extremely flexible CMS framework. Kentico CMS increases ROI by dramatically enhancing Search Engine Optimization and site ranking with native features supporting Search Engine Friendly “Smart URLs”, URL Aliasing and content level metadata and taxonomy.



5Nova selected Savvis as our exclusive data center partner because of their 100% focus of IT Infrastructure and 100% flexible service model. The Savvis 100% up-time guarantee and advanced secure-space options also had something to do with our decision. With a platform spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, Savvis manages one of the largest and most sophisticated hosting infrastructures in the world, helping to facilitate quality experiences for users of their customers’ web sites.



The 5Nova Team has a long history of working with Microsoft server products to meet the demands of enterprise level applications. The Windows Server Operating System along with Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio makeup the core of the 5Nova development and production environments. Add the flexibility and leverage available with the .NET Framework and you have the idea web application platform for business. Microsoft products deliver a stable, reliable, and secure environment capable of scaling as we grow.



VMWare is the leading business virtualization infrastructure provider, offering the most trusted and reliable platform for building private clouds and federating to public clouds. For 5Nova, the decisions to add VMWare to our Web-Presence-as-a-Service meant a shift in focus from maintenance to efficiency and innovation. The bottom line: VMWare directly reduces our capital and operating costs while increasing our ability to service customers via increased server utilization, decreased downtime and rapid responsiveness to growth.



As the world’s leading Internet Company, Google offers many viable products to enhance your web presence experience. 5Nova has chosen to augment our product offering with Google products such as Google Maps, Google Checkout and Google Analytics. For the SEO minded, Google Webmaster Tools give detailed insights as to how your web site and pages are viewed by the Google search engine. Round out the toolset with Google Keywords and AdSense to give your online marketing initiatives a head start.



Cybersource, a leading provider of Credit Card Processing for Business, Electronic Payment & Risk Management Solutions also provides solutions to enable electronic payment; avoid online credit card fraud and credit card processing for Web, Call center & POS environments. 5Nova utilizes the Cybersource payment gateway solutions for those customers who are conducting business online.



To meet the communication and collaboration needs of a web presence project, 5Nova turned to TaskBall to keep them focused on task completion. TaskBall, a hosted Web 2.0 application designed to help businesses delegate, communicate and track the status of tasks, offers a superior alternative to e-mail. It encourages users to get out from under their inbox and get on top of their work by transferring all project-related communication into a separate software program for better task messaging. Best of all, you always know who has the ball.