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"We went in to this project feeling a bit overwhelmed since we are not technology people. What 5Nova excelled at was interpreting the landscape of technology alternatives open to us in a way we non-techies could understand. We know why the Kentico CMS product was the best solution for us and this provides us confidence and peace of mind in our decision."
Brad Christensen
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation
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Meet Our Founders

Business Owner

Greg Steirer


While growing up in Dallas, Texas, at the age of 8 and armed with an electronics kit, Greg wired his room lights to his alarm clock so he would not only be woken by sound, but by light! From there a passion grew and Greg quickly learned BASIC programming with the Commodore 64. In high school, Greg lobbied his computer teacher and principle to start an advanced computing class, which was a success. He later interned with Sun Microsystems and found the world of computers so satisfying that he realized spending 4 years in college would hamper his dreams.

After high school graduation Greg landed his first computer job as a support tech for AST Computer. Windows programming became his focus, but others would challenge Greg’s abilities. 27 years and several successful start-ups later, Greg has developed hundreds of software applications with the unique ability to architect and develop a complete solution; from database to business layer to the user interface. His development experience ranges from small applets to large enterprise applications designed to service billion dollar companies.

As the proverbial Space Captain of 5Nova, Greg brings with him the application development experience, motivation to succeed, and the personal desire to make 5Nova both fun and challenging. As a leader, he has a style all his own. Some say he’s loud, others say he’s talkative, but Greg would say he’s just imaginative often tying everything together with random movie references and believing Gordon Gekko is a real person. He’s also a bit of a fanatic about three syllable product names, but we like him because he architects software that shines.

All work and no play makes Greg a dull boy, so his family plays a big part in keeping his life balanced. You’ll find them engaged in many activities on a regular basis: Harvest Christian Fellowship (church), Cub Scouts, the Civil Air Patrol, gymnastics, ballet, volleyball, and extended family get-togethers to name a few. If you’re good enough, you will find Greg playing Halo match making with the gamer tag ‘SiZZLE FiNGER’.


Stephen Jester

V.P. Operations & Business Development

A self-proclaimed funny man, technologist and native of Southern California, Stephen is mission control for 5Nova. Did we also mention he is a bit of a soccer enthusiast? From the sales pitch to the soccer pitch, he enjoys the challenges of encouraging others to perform with significance. As an AYSO volunteer coach and referee, Stephen finds inspiration in the team dynamic and humility in the power to teach. You might even catch him in his kit and boots playing a little Taskball.

In 2001, Stephen founded his first company: a consulting firm that specialized in the implementation of enterprise financial management software. As company leader, he was for business development with a focus on building new relationships with clients and strategic partners. Additionally, Stephen managed the consulting operations of the firm and oversaw community outreach programs. We’ve asked him for a repeat performance at 5Nova.

Stephen started his collegiate academic study at San Diego State University as an Accounting major before coming to Orange County. He is a two-time graduate from California State University, Fullerton's College of Business and Economics with a BS in Business Administration and a MBA with an emphasis in Finance. He also holds a certificate degree in Entrepreneurship.

Stephen stays connected to his Alma Mater by serving as an Entrepreneur in Residence, coaching the next generation of start-up business leaders. It has also been his pleasure to serve on the Dean’s Executive Council as Treasurer and he is a lifetime Alumni Association Member. Stephen was formerly a CEO member of Vistage International and most recently was invited to serve on the board of directors for the Barstow Scholarship Foundation.