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"Kentico CMS has proven to be a complete toolset for our web presence needs. We have yet to encounter a functional need that has resulted in costly custom development or required us to go out and purchase third-party products as a work around. I am impressed with the depth of functionality. It has really broadened the horizon of 'what's possible' when we strategize on new ways of adding value to the visitors of our new web site."
Chris Zeiler, Partner
Neulogics, Inc.
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Neulogics - Business Fusion
Download Kentico CMS Controls GuideCase Study | neulogics.com (Launched 09/24/2010)
Neulogics, a Microsoft Certified Business Solutions partner for integrating and personalizing financial management systems, is an up and coming player in the competitive world of ERP solution selling.  To stand out, Neulogics asked 5Nova to create a web presence that would not only reveal their vast offering of solutions and services, but would empower them with the ability to communicate quickly as they advance in their market.
Neulogics had an out of date web site they felt no longer fully represented the company’s message. It was just a billboard that added no value to their customers or the company itself. What Neulogics lacked was the freedom and flexibility to control updates to their own web site for both customer service and marketing purposes. They desired a web site that added enough self-service value to prospects and customers that both groups would desire to return to the site to interact with the people at Neulogics.

Neulogic’s existing web based tools were seamlessly integrated into the Kentico CMS page layout while maintaining an easy way to update links in a simple text based form. The approach to creating reusable promotion and training event content was also a winner utilizing a simple text based input form with point-and-click related documents. The addition of the interior page tabs allowed Neulogics to organize the content in a logical way – brochures, demo videos and whitepapers – without visitors having to scroll long pages of links or feel like they were navigating away from the main topic page.

According to Neulogics, the immediate return on the website has been the facelift to their corporate image and delivery of a very succinct online message. Customers and prospects have already started to utilize the site for product information and service requests – all of which are saving both parties time.

“Kentico CMS has proven to be a complete toolset for our web presence needs. I am impressed with the depth of functionality. It has really broadened the horizon of ‘what’s possible’ when we strategize on new ways of adding value to the visitors of our new web site.” – Chris Zeiler, Partner, Neulogics, Inc.
Logistics Unlimited, Inc.
Download Kentico CMS Controls GuideCase Study | shiplui.com (Launched 07/16/2010)
Logistics Unlimited specializes in providing unique solutions individually created to meet the logistics needs of businesses with critical requirements - same-day delivery, hard to reach destinations, specialized freight, multiple destinations or large size shipments.  Affectionately known as ShipLUI to their loyal customers, the LUI team has extensive domestic and international experience with rollouts, trade shows and charter aircraft name just a few.
As agile and responsive as ShipLUI is in the area of logistics, they found communicating via their corporate web site to be lacking in flexibility, control and value.

"Every time we needed to do something as routine as change a phone number it took several phone calls, many days and a couple of hundred dollars. It was the tail wagging the dog" - Ted Shown, President

The web site was originally created to provide information about the company to prospective customers. But the LUI team was ready to evolve their web site into an information exchange for customers and vendors. So they began a search for a content management system only to be told time and time again such solutions were too expensive and technically difficult for a smaller organization.

Today, the LUI team is able to update their web site in a timely manner while experimenting with the creation of new pages and graphics for new marketing messages. They were even able to alert their visitors of an emergency situation concerning the temporary outage of one of their booking systems.  "Under the old system, this would have been impossible." remarked Mr. Shown.

"Kentico CMS has exceeded our expectations for a CMS product in terms of robustness, ease of use, cost and flexibility. 5Nova made the transition and implementation easy by doing a flawless job and being their to answer our questions day in and day out. Such vendors are hard to find. When you find one, hang on to them." - Ted Shown, President
Pathfinder Mortgage
Download Kentico CMS Controls GuideCase Study | pathfindercorp.net (Launched 04/01/2010)
Pathfinder Mortgage Corporation, a trusted guide specializing in reliable results for commercial real estate finance, needed to establish a web presence. Management was unclear on the right approach for their business, but they were clear on one thing: they were not technical users. So they called on 5Nova as a technology partner who would exhibit qualities they saw in themselves: patient listeners, ardent educators and trusted advisors dedicated to delivering results.
The first challenge was to determine how to differentiate Pathfinder’s website from their competitors. The second challenge was designing a secure access employee portal feature enabling staff to access a common company library regardless of an individual’s geographic location.

5Nova recommended Pathfinder start by getting into the mind of a potential customer and consider what kinds of information a potential customer searching for mortgage financing would find valuable. The result was designing a home page that would offer visitors guidance in specific areas of commercial real estate finance: Retail, Office, Industrial and Multi-family. The supporting content was then aligned by regional niche market: relevant news articles, regional office profiles and a recap of recent deals by segment.

To solve the needs for document and knowledge sharing between employees across several geographic locations, 5Nova leveraged the built-in self-managed secure registration web part for employee portal access. Once authenticated, Pathfinder staff is able to access a custom built web part, called DocumentBrowser, built using Adobe FLEX and integrated with the Kentico CMS content tree and security model. Organizing company documents is now as simple as drag and drop.

Today, Pathfinder Mortgage is proud to direct people to their new website they feel represents their brand and communicates their competitive advantages well. Having a site design that starts with the customer needs in mind and aligns data and pages by market niche and regional location has given Pathfinder better analytical insights about their visitors. Pathfinder has also reported improved internal communications.
R&D Fasteners
rdfast.com (Launched 11/16/2009)
Founded in 1984, R&D Fasteners started as a company that manufactured specialty fasteners and hardware for the construction, waterworks, and commercial markets. Since then they have aggressively moved into new markets, expanding military and energy products. However, what set's R&D apart is their dedication to quality service and creative programs. The only thing ordinary about the organization's culture was their web site. Until the contacted 5Nova.
R&D Fasteners had not updated their web content for close to 10 years. On the heels of creating a new brand identify that featured bold colors and strong imagery, management wanted a web site that would leverage this investment while reflecting the key attributes of the company: a focus on quality, customer service, expediency and creativity.
The plan was a site design that looked to present common web experiences in non-traditional ways. The 5Nova team focused on the navigation experience. The challenge was integrating the strong graphics in support of the on line message without sacrificing simplified content management and a SEO-friendly site map.

The Kentico CMS framework utilizing the portal engine made the task a success. Page templates with inheritance meant the content, in this case raw text, was separated from the graphically intense layout. This freed up R&D personnel to focus on inputting the copy without having to be concerned about breaking the presentation layer. Where necessary, they could easily swap out images in support of newly created copy.

The future of R&D's web presence holds even more ambitious goals as they look to bring self-service capabilities into a secure customer portal.